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The Garage Door Epiphany: All doors have seasons

Author: Kim McGrew

Today, I had such a revelation. I was in the kitchen making coffee with a touch of lemon and garlic (hello health hack!); as the youngest has rushed out the door he said,

"I don't have to worry about rain because the sun is out."

I told him to not always trust the weather because at any time, it could change. The weather forecast states that there is a 90% chance and carry an umbrella just in case.

So he rushes to the garage to get his umbrella out of the car.

Then my oldest son ran downstairs wondering why the youngest was headed to the garage.

Oldest: "Hey, what's up with the garage?"

Youngest: "I was running to the car to grab an umbrella and then head to the bus"

Oldest: "I could exit through the same door because it is quicker, easier and more convenient to get to the car"

Youngest: "Yeah, but mom has to close the garage door"

And it hit me like an epiphany as I saw my two young sons, whom I have raised for the past two decades as they walk out of the garage door that they are headed into their own destiny out of the door that was created for them 🚪

A door that is designed to respond to their request for access.

A door that is wide and expansive, yielding more accessible connections to the vehicles of the future.

In the words of "Avatar" when Jake Sully completed his training in becoming one of the people, his trainer looked at him and told him "You are ready"

A different age indeed brings a different stage.

I was embracing that moment. I stood and took a deep breath realizing how each walked out so confidently.

With my coffee in my hand, I closed the garage door with a deeper understanding that all doors have season. Embrace your next level.

Do you know the time and the season that you are in? ☀️❄️🍁

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